Schedule Bergen


Departure Arrival Via
Bergen Mon 1100 Rotterdam Thu 0700 Direct
Immingham Fri 1000 Direct
Bergen Fri 0700 Tananger Sat 0300 Direct
Immingham Mon 0700 Direct
Rotterdam Mon 0700 Tranship
Bergen Fri 1800 Tananger Sat 0300 Direct
Aberdeen Sun 0500 Direct
Immingham Mon 0700 Tranship
Rotterdam Mon 0700 Tranship


Departure Arrival Via
Bergen Tue 1200 Florø Tue 1900 Direct
Ålesund Wed 0300 Direct
Kristiansund Wed 1000 Direct
Trondheim Wed 2000 Direct
Molde Thu 1200 Direct

Transhipment via Tananger in connection with 2nd carrier.

Arrival times on the schedule above are weather permitted and can change without prior notice.