The Sea-Cargo Group

Sea-Cargo is the leading logistics provider and transport company in the North Sea market.
Our head office is located in the heart of the scenic west coast of Norway, an area known
for international shipping and maritime industry. Sea-Cargo is complemented by a fully owned agency structure in Norway, Denmark, UK and the Netherlands.
With ownership of vessels, terminals and distribution networks – Sea-Cargo is able
to offer comprehensive shipping and logistics services.

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Twice weekly departures

Sea-Cargo operates a regular ro-ro liner service in the North Sea – to and from Norway, UK and the Continent, complimented by warehousing and local transport services in many ports.
With twice weekly departures in each direction, we offer a huge transport capacity on our ships.
By combining low risk transport with competitive rates and short transit-time, we add value to your products. Our bespoke ro-ro vessels have more than 170.000 sqm under-deck space and can accommodate all kinds of rolling cargo. Therefore, Sea-Cargo is one of the most adaptive shipping companies in the North Sea market, customising the right shipping solution for your needs


We keep you rolling

Roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) shipping is the safest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to transport wheeled cargo. Our ro-ro vessels allow the cargo to be efficiently rolled on and off the vessel. With the built-in ramps the vessels are perfect for transport of oversized and heavy cargo, such as tractors, trailer, excavators, dump trucks, buses, mobile cranes and much more. Ro-ro can also be used to transport cargo without wheels, such as boats, helicopters and heavy plant equipment. This type
of cargo can be wheeled on and off using mafis or flat racks.