Sea-Cargo is a multimodal transport group based in the North Sea, with business strands covering Baltic and the Mediterranean.

Sea-Cargo is an asset-based group – owning and operating its own ships, terminals, equipment and business infrastructure. The infrastructure is complemented by more than twelve strategically placed Sea-Cargo offices, covering the entire business area. These Sea-Cargo offices offers a full range of services – ranging from stock management to distribution and forwarding services. This “hub and spoke” system offers customers a range of services to choose from; being a specific service that best suits an immediate supply chain need or be it a long-term logistics package on a door-to-door basis.

Sea-Cargo is a long-term strategic operator on the market and seek to develop close relationships through a spirit of teamwork and innovation with its customers. Agility and agile approach being a driving force for Sea-Cargo ensures customers the best, most advanced and cost-effective transport systems available.

Safety and environmental awareness will always be paramount within Sea-Cargo. Actions and measures are constantly evaluated in order to reduce the risk for accidents and dangerous occurrences. Fundamental to this long-term strategy is the company’s commitment to protecting the environment, the safety of life on land and at sea.